Enroll Your Young Scholar Today! The Chinue X Project, Inc. Afrocentric Saturday School Program

My name is Cynthia Chinue X Cornelius. I hold Bachelors in Africana Studies and a Masters in Equity and Social Justice in Education both obtained from San Francisco State University. I have established the TCXPI Afrocentric Children and Youth Saturday School Program. 

This free program is offered as a non-traditional school program to children of all ages and will consist of a variety of Afrocentric activities and discussions that directly relates to African heritage and culture beginning with Kemet (commonly known as Egypt) and ending with today. Those activities will include field trips of nearby libraries, museums, local events, and student-based projects. All of the activities will acknowledge the contributions of Africans and Blacks to World and Human civilization. 

By studying and discussing these contributions of the Ancestors, our goal is to bring about a Spirit of Self-Love, Self-Respect, and Self-Love within each student, and to develop in each student a need to seek and research independently Black History. 

The Saturday School Program will run for 6 weeks, meeting each Saturday from 9-12pm. The last session of 2016 will begin Saturday, October15th at Impact Hub Oakland. 

We can no longer afford to sit by while Black history is being omitted and distorted to suit others. It is time that we SPEAK OUT against and Do Something about the racist and discriminatory education our children receive. 

TCXPI Official Website: http://tcxpi.org/
To Register, please visithttp://www.tcxpissp.com/tcxpi-afrocentric-ssp-registration.html 

For information please email me at thecxpi@gmail.com

Chinue X, TCXPI Founder