TCXPI Presents The Black Panther Party For Self Defense 50 - An Online Celebration

TCXPI Presents The Black Panther Party For Defense 50 An Online Celebration 
Beginning October 1st TCXPI presents thirty-one days of honoring the many contributions made to Black communities across the country. 

JOIN TCXPI as we pay honor and tribute to the origin and contributions of the 
Black Panther Party For Self Defense
As a native Of Oakland, California and a product of the 60s, I am all too familiar with the Black Panther Party and how they placed the people of Oakland as their first priority when it came to establishing programs that were not being provided by the government. From the Free Breakfast Program to the Women Infants and Children Program, the BPP established programs that were and still continue to be emulated by the government.

The BPP items were permanent fixtures in our household. My father Brooksie Cornelius was a staunch supporter for the party and the movement.
As a child growing up in East Oakland, I did not understand the true meaning of why my father, Brooksie Cornelius represented the Black Panther Party and the Black Power Movement; I did not understand why he wore the Black felt cap and BPP buttons proudly; I did not understand why the BPP newspaper was a constant fixture on his table where he often sat daily reading.

I did not understand why my mother Alean McInnis, who went back to school, spoke admirably about Dr. La Place, a historian and scholar on Black History at Merritt College, who changed her in many ways.

What I was being taught in my informative years in the Oakland Public School system was indeed contradictory to what was being seen and spoken at home. How could this be? Once I began my higher learning at Merritt College I began to understand why.  

What the educational system was teaching were untruths on the Black Race and its History – it was instruction that was meant to keep and my race inferior and submissive as a people in society.  I was being taught that Black people were a primitive people who had to be made civilized by white people;  I was being taught that I could be nothing more than a mere servant to mainstream society; I was being taught to be inferior  and that I and my people could not become a doctor or someone prestigious in society. Today, I know that was all wrong. As I look at my children and others, I know that this education was meant only as a tool of oppression and that it would and must be destroyed.

I Give Thanks to Brooksie and Alean for being warriors, in their own rights, in the Black Struggle.

 I Give Thanks to those instructors who taught me that the Black race is a race the First race of world and human civilization, who made wonderful, amazing, and magnificent contributions to our existence. 

I Give Thanks to the Ancestors for leaving history that teaches us that I and WE can become anything we choose as long as we believe that WE CAN.
I pay Honor, Tribute, and Respect ALWAYS.

In Memory Of My Father, Brooksie Cornelius


Enroll Your Young Scholar Today! The Chinue X Project, Inc. Afrocentric Saturday School Program

My name is Cynthia Chinue X Cornelius. I hold Bachelors in Africana Studies and a Masters in Equity and Social Justice in Education both obtained from San Francisco State University. I have established the TCXPI Afrocentric Children and Youth Saturday School Program. 

This free program is offered as a non-traditional school program to children of all ages and will consist of a variety of Afrocentric activities and discussions that directly relates to African heritage and culture beginning with Kemet (commonly known as Egypt) and ending with today. Those activities will include field trips of nearby libraries, museums, local events, and student-based projects. All of the activities will acknowledge the contributions of Africans and Blacks to World and Human civilization. 

By studying and discussing these contributions of the Ancestors, our goal is to bring about a Spirit of Self-Love, Self-Respect, and Self-Love within each student, and to develop in each student a need to seek and research independently Black History. 

The Saturday School Program will run for 6 weeks, meeting each Saturday from 9-12pm. The last session of 2016 will begin Saturday, October15th at Impact Hub Oakland. 

We can no longer afford to sit by while Black history is being omitted and distorted to suit others. It is time that we SPEAK OUT against and Do Something about the racist and discriminatory education our children receive. 

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Chinue X, TCXPI Founder