Fruitvale Station

Tuesday night. I was honor to  attend a pre-release viewing of "Fruitvale Station" in DC with my son, who attended St. Mary's with  film writer/producer Ryan Coogler.  An amazing movie - Ryan did an excellent job bringing Oscar Grant's story to the big screen. As a native of Oakland, it brought back heartfelt memories of his tragic death and the impact it had on the entire Oakland community. I feel that this movie will touch you in a different way if you - First, are from Oakland and you see all  the familiarity; Second, if you are Black and understand his family and cultural dynamics; Third, if you are fully aware of his tragic and senseless murder; and Fourth, if you are a Mother to a Black male in the Black community.  It was so welcoming to see what a big heart and personality he had, as well as a deep love for his family. I didn't find it "laugh out loud" funny, and kind of took offense to those that did. I teared up and cried mostly. For me it was like going to a funeral - reliving 2009 New Year's Day all over again. Oscar Grant's Life represents many of our young Black men all over the world, who desire to walk a straight path, no matter how many obstacles and challenges are presented. I hope Oscar's story will touch the lives of others who face these same struggles. Michael B, Jordan, Octavia Spencer, and the entire cast were excellent! Job well done!