1. Know your story (Maafa, Sankofa)

2. Love Afrika, we are Afrikans
3. Take your education serious

4. Stop calling Black folks "niggers" and stop calling Black women "bitches"

5. Promote self respect and social grace

6. Decorate your living space with Afrikan art 

7. Reflect Afrikan culture in your appearance 

8. Do not practice or support immoral sex (i.e. lesbianism, homosexuality, pedophilia) 

9. Get rid of the poverty mentality 

10. Stop using and abusing mood alternative substances (weed, alcohol, drugs) 

11. Distance yourself from negro friends and associates 

12. Support Black businesses and be a quality customer

13. Understand Caucasoids are destroyers of all animal, plant, and human life 

14. Return foreign religions to Caucasoids (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) 

15. Stop being corrupt towards Black people, we have to stop lying and stealing from one another

16. Join or work with a Black proactive non-integrationist organization 

17. Fight against racism and white supremacy/reject European images/concepts

18. Be consistent

19. Once you choose this path, stay on the path