A Mother and her Child is a co-existence that no one can understand. It is a co-existence that begins at the time of conception and continues until her last breath is taken. She holds that Child in her womb, nurturing, loving, and caring for it's life until the day that life makes it's introduction into the world.
From that Earth Day forward, a Mother does her best to continue to nurture, love and care for that Child with all that she has. She prays through the trials and tribulations and awaits the milestones, cherishing all accomplishments and accolades, Giving Thanks to the Creator consistently. 
No Mother is ever prepared to have their Child transition before she does, especially the way that Trayvon Martin's has.
I ask the Creator Divine and the African Ancestors to guide, strengthen, carry, and hold close the Parents, Family, Friends, and Supporters of Trayvon, as we fight to see Justice in his tragic death. 

In the meantime, let us ALL hold our children near and dear to our hearts as we Stand Up for Trayvon Martin!

Chinue X