“In this Cultural Revolution, As Afrkns we MUST Deconstruct Eurocentric behaviors and ideologies of Individualism, in order to Reconstruct our Afrkn Self in Communal Collectivism. To be a True Pan Afrkn is to be CENTERED in Afrkn Tradition, Heritage and Culture – Grounded in the knowing of True Ancient Kmt Civilization and Afrkn Antiquity and our True Contributions to World Civilization and the building of the Americas. To be a True Pan Afrkn is to not view Yourself as an Afrkn American, but to see Your Self as an Afrkn. To "Know Thyself" as a True Pan Afrkn is to hold, as a Life Priority, the Best Interest of ALL Afrkn People.”

The Chinue X Project, Inc. September 2011