Chinue X's Book List #2

"A sterling effort to bring together ideas and order to begin to build a foundation for an alternative education process for black children" Essie Manuel Rutledge, Contemporary Sociology

"Hale provides parents, teachers and school adminstrators with a model for a "culturally appropriate pedagogy" to insure more-positve educational outcomes for African American Children." from the Foreword by V.P. Franklin

"The seeds for the problem of the 13-21 age group were planted, watered, and cultivated long before, and bear the distinctive bitter fruits of motivation. We as a society continue to reap a weak, bitter harvest because we sow such weak, bitter seeds." Sanyika Anwisye, Co-Director, Frederick Douglas Institure, St. Louis

"Whatever individual or institution controls test construction, test production, test promotion and testmous power over the lives and fortunes of students,teachers, counselors, administrators, and American communites." The Late Norman R. Dixon dissemination exercises enor