Afrocentrism in Children and Youth

Greetings to All!

My name is Chinue X (pronounced cheen-way) which means 'God's own Blessing in Igbo Nigeria. My objective in creating this blog is to dialogue on the value and importance of Afrocentrism in Children and Youth.

For too long, Afrikans, both diasporan and continental, have been mis-educated by an euroocentric worldview that has intentionally omitted, distorted and mirepresented the Afrikan contributions to world civilization and the building of the Americas.

No longer do we as Afrikans have to sit in the back of the bus and allow the educational system to de-value, denigrate, distort, and divide our race. No longer do we have to read textbooks that negate and omit our existence, or perpetuate a  supremacist worldview. Thanks to the world wide web, we can access "TRUTH" that is credible and valid on our existence.

My goals are to disseminate true facts on the Afrikan's role as the number one contributor of all cultural aspects of civilization and being and to share resources that will uplift the Afrikan race.